The Glory Road

Eben's Tale


A recent turn of events in my life has lead me to write this book so that upon my death my work and this wounderous journey I have set out upon is not forgotten. Upon my exile from Karsan I set forth to a life of adventure and exploration. Determined to prove my theory and regain my lively hood I headed to a hellish city across the Noble Desert. It is from there that I believe is the best starting point.

I arrived late at night to the city of Farcry. Imagine my surprise when I was arrested for simply walking down the street. Brutally the city guards took me to a filthy cell filled with vagabonds. Clueless as I was to my crime I couldn’t help but hope that the other inhabitants were also innocent like I, but alas a quick glance around the cell did not put my fears to ease, in fact I quickly concluded I would not survive the night. To my left lumbered a goliath who seemed to appreciate looking at me far too much. To my right, hunched down with shifty eyes, squatted a rather dangerous and certainly untrustworthy looking elf. I couldn’t tell much about the dragon-born passed out on the floor other then he was a rather strong drunk. I didn’t sleep at all that night as I watched the others into the mourning.

It was like a jolt of relief and energy washed over me when a rather shady dwarf promised a reprieve from my crime at a small price. I soon found that my crime was magic and that his small prize was to actually fight to the death alongside this rabble against well trained and armed mercenary groups. He of course provided armor and blades, rusty and broken, in order to make it a “fair” fight. Left with no other choice but to battle for survival I fought alongside these unsavory lads and won my freedom. The battles were intense, with each of my fellows doing his part to live; the giant smashed opponents in-two with shear brute force, while the elf preferred more precise and subtle, yet no less deadly, attacks. Of course the dragon’s weapon of choice was his very breath. I on the other hand held back and watched and studied. I threw the occasional spell or two, but I mainly watched and studied my new allies. There was more to them then a simple glance and quick deduction could account for. Maybe enough more to be of use.



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