Eben Flow

Spurned Scholar and praticing wizard


STR: 8 CON: 11 INT: 20 WIS: 16 CHA: 10 AC: 16 FORT: 11 REF: 16 WILL: 16 MOVE: 6


Once a figurehead among the academy of his home and honored citizen. He was exiled as a heretic and stripped of his station and wealth. He left Karsan and its closed minded humans. He would find the proof and regain his status among his people and claim his spot in history.

Wishlist: Bracers of Perfect Shot Gauntlets of Blood Eagle Eye Goggles Lucky Charm Bag of Holding Lucky Charm +1 Ioun’s Revelation DarkSkull Obsidian Steed Endless Canteen Ebony Fly Pouch Of Frozen Passage Crystal Ball of Spying Handy Haversack Lens of Descernment Sending Stones Exodus Knife Foe Stone Immovable Shaft Ritualist Lectern Ribbon of Limitless questions Orb of Ultimate Imposition +3 Orb of Repeated Imposition +3 Orb of Judicious Conjuration +1 Orb of Inescapable Consequences +2 Orb of Reversed Polarities +2 Irrefutable Cloth Armor +2 Bracers of The Perfect Shot Skull Bracers Diamond Bracers Bracers of Wound Closure

Eben Flow

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