Delvish the Damned

Cursed dragonborn cleric out on a quest to reclaim his honor, and his last name.


Stats: HP: 36 AC: 17 Fort: 15 Ref: 11 Will: 15 Str: 18 (+5) Con: 14 (+3) Dex: 8 (-1) Int: 11 Wis: 15 (+3) Cha: 12 (+2) Spd: 5 Init: +0

Skills: Acrobatics: -1 Arcana: +1 Athletics: +4 Bluff: +2 Diplomacy: +2 Dungeoneering: +3 Endurance: +2 Heal: +10 History: +8 Insight: +8 Intimidate: +4 Nature: +3 Perception: +3 Religion: +8 Stealth: -1 Streetwise: +2 Thievery: -1

Feats: Ritual Caster – perform rituals. Combat Medic – Stabilize the dying. +2 to heal checks. Restful Healing – Maximize healing between encounters. Healing Word – Add wis mod to healing abilities.

Abilities: Lance of Faith (at-will): 1d8 + WIS and one visible ally gets +2 to hit against that target. Range: 5 Righteous Brand (at-will): [W] + STR and one ally within 5 squares gets +str mod to hit on next attack roll. Divine Fortune (channel divinity): Gain +1 to your next attack roll or saving throw. Turn Undead (channel divinity): 1d10 + WIS and push target 3 + CHR. Target immobilized until end of next turn. (Miss: Half damage, no other effects) Healing Word (encounter): Usable twice, Target spends a healing surge + 1d6 HP. Healing Strike (encounter): 2[W] + STR and you or 1 ally within 5 squares spends a healing surge. Target is marked. Split the Sky (encounter): 1[W] + STR. Push the target two squares and knock it prone. Cascade of Light (daily): 3d8 + WIS and target gains vulnerability 5 to all attacks. (miss: Half damage, no vulnerability) Bless (Utility): Until the end of the encounter, targets in burst (20) gain a +1 to attack rolls.


A rare egg, Delvish was born as a single egg instead of a small litter, as well as in a brilliant white egg with a single black mark on it. Shortly after birth, his father was felled in a battle against an unknown enemy, followed not long after by his mother. Orphaned, Delvish was taken in by the Temple of Bahamut in his Village. He spent much of his early years studying religion and the healing arts, though without much success. He was strongly built, much like his father, yet was still a runt of a wyrmling. This size carried with him throughout his current life. Even now he is small and light in comparison to many of his kind. Due to his proficiency in strength, many of his teachers urged him to be a glorious Paladin of Bahamut but he refused, stating he’d much rather focus on keeping his allies alive. Even with this preference he was never spectacular at this skill. Even the most mundane cures were slightly difficult for him and many said he was cursed, due to the sheer abnormality of his failures. This mockery is not without its truths though. Ever since he was born he carried a black scar that stuck out in the midst of his white scales. The scar bore the symbol of Tiamat, the queen of evil dragons. Few know of this mark, as it is a sore subject for him and is constantly covered my tunics or straps.

At the age of 20, Delvish’s mishaps had diminished as he grew more proficient with his cures, but they were still only substandard. The mishaps he did have grew proportionately more severe, and on one occasion even injured a fellow student. Word of his failures had grown in the village beyond just being looked down upon, many avoided him. Until his secret mark was revealed. Delvish was stripped of his name, his honor, and exiled from the village. Since then he has traveled, eventually finding himself among the bustling streets of Farcry.

No sooner had he stopped in a bar to rest is tired feet, than a man wearing white armor stumbled into the bar and collapsed on the ground, clearly injured. With the instinct of his prior training as a cleric he began his healing prayers as he hunched over the battered soldier. Delvish had almost finished his process when two men picked him up by the arms and dragged him out of the bar. A third appeared before him, placing a sack over his scaley head. Next thing Delvish knew, he was coming to in a stone dungeon room, shared by 3 others; a bluish humanoid that wasn’t moving, an Elf sitting off in a corner staring menacingly at a door across from him, and a very large humanoid that was also unconcious….

Delvish the Damned

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