Lucian Wright

Elf Utility/DPS Rogue


AC 19

FORT 13 REF 18 WILL 11

STR 14+2 CON 11+0 DEX 20+5 INT 10+0 WIS 10+0 CHA 10+0

11 Acrobatics 1 Arcana 9 Athletics 1 Bluff 1 Diplomacy 6 Dungeoneering 1 Endurance 1 Heal 1 History 1 Insight 1 Intimidate 3 Nature 8 Perception 1 Religion 12 Stealth 1 Streetwise 13 Theivery


Drafted into a Human army around age 40 Lucian served in a long campaign for a pointless war. During which his natural elven abilities allowed him to be selected for a forward recon unit. While on campaign he befriended an old wizard that was contracted to cast camouflage spells on the unit before operations. They were both a bit out of place in the sea of human soldiers they grew to be good friends and would tell stories late into the night. One story that stood out to Lucian was of an unnamed wizard that centuries ago befriended a mating pair of red dragons and began to lay waste to the countryside. The citizens of that long forgotten empire rose up against him. As they marched on his desert fortress to throw him form his mountain stronghold he released his mighty dragons and a terrible fight ensued. The female dragon was slain, but not before the desert was laid to waste. The heat from the dragons breath was so powerful the sand was melted into a sea of glass. Nearly the entire population of that mighty empire was killed that in that battle. With the death of that empire the wizard was left to his own devices and memories began to fade the location of the sea of glass has been lost to time. Who knows what might be left there still. After the war was over Lucian lost touch with the old wizard but that story continued to fascinate him. Lucian returned home but was not met with a warm welcome. The human family that had raised him was dead and the small population of elves lived in a ghetto virtually slaves. Lucian tried to make his way on the level and it worked for a while scraping together a meager living for himself. As times got hard Lucian would think back to his military days where he would truly excel running barefoot through the forest undetected bringing reports of troop movements to command. Lucian slowly slipped into a life of crime. Beginning with corporate espionage. Whenever a political leader would slip away for a loving weekend with his mistress Lucian would be there, collecting evidence. Evidence that was later sold for a high profit. A high profit of which Lucian’s share was a very small percent. Being a lawbreaking Elf Lucian did not have much defense for their racism. Lucian struck out on his own. Petty crime where the rewards were smaller but at least they all belong to him, now. Catburglary was not as low profile as being an anonymous whistle blower. When things start going missing staying in any one place for too long at a time is out of the question. The story the mage had told him was still at the back of his mind. If he could find a treasure that large he could do what ever he wanted an would not need to bow and scrape to humans ever again. He could return to the Fey wild and establish a new enclave or join an existing one as a noble with a mysterious past.

Lucian Wright

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